Gallup: Women 50+ Are Only Demo Still Supporting Clinton

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Obama wins every single other demographic, except the age and gender group Hillary belongs to herself. That’s telling in and of itself.

Here are the numbers…

The details…

The only major demographic group still supporting Clinton to the tune of 51% or more is women aged 50 and older. This group’s preferences have changed little during May, at the same time that Clinton’s support among younger men (those 18 to 49) has declined by nearly 10 points.

Could this group abandon Obama in the fall because of charges of sexism being leveled by people like Geraldine Ferraro?

We shall see…

  • Tony Smith

    This poll is so out of line with the others — Rasmussen, SurveyUSA and even last week’s Gallup — that it is unreliable. I think it’s interesting that you only post this one, but not any of the others. Also, even in the Gallup poll, Clinton does better than Obama versus McCain.