Dem’s Lead Widens Against Ted Stevens In Alaska Senate Race

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Stevens had a 3,200 vote lead on election night, but that has completely evaporated.

Yesterday, Doug posted that Mark Begich led by only 3 votes.

Today that total is up to around 800.

Begich: 132,196
Stevens: 131,382

And the Dems inch closer and closer to a supermajority…

  • http://belowthebeltway.com/ Doug Mataconis

    This is actually pretty amazing.

    I can’t remember the last time that absentee ballots broke so decisively in favor of one candidate over the other like what seems to be happening here.

    If this holds up that leaves the Dems with a net gain of 7 in the Senate to date, with Minnesota and Georgia still to be decided.

  • Tom A.

    And Frankin looks to win.

    The best thing about Stevens losing is that Palin can’t get herself appointed to replace him.