Best Test Drive Ever

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The real fun starts around the 3:45 mark.

Now, let’s remember that this is a Ford.

So the question now…why don’t they sell this one in the states?

  • rob

    They jumped the gun… Superbowl Sunday isn’t for another month and a half.

  • Aaron

    Haha.. I love this show. At some point check out their test of a Toyota Hilux.

  • erny

    i love this car!! i want one!! reminds me of the ford festiva!!

  • Agnostick

    We’ll be able to buy this in 2010, according to Wikipedia


  • George Mauer

    My god, Top Gear has lost their mind.

    I mean I know they’re one of the highest rated shows on the BBC but what could the budget for this bit possibly have been!?

  • Dyre42

    But can you still fit a Fiesta is a freight elevator?

  • Avinash_Tyagi

    The guys at top Gear never had their minds intact to begin with, I’m surprised that one of them hasn’t died yet, the short one nearly did.