Perversity To Issue New Album In Two Weeks

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She makes me feel like being perverse

Perversity will release their new album through Lavadome Productions on August 31.

That’s right — Slovakian death metal marauders Perversity have signed with Lavadome, who will release their new album, Ablaze, on August 31.

According to a press release, “Ablaze is about to prove what Perversity’s revitalized and exhilarating line-up is capable of.”

Very nice. I’ll check this shit out. After all, I love Slovakian metal. Especially Slovakian death metal.

You can check out the album’s cover art right now, as well as hear a track from the album called “Merciless Messiah,” right here, at this link. The song is pretty fucked up, man — in a good way.

I have nothing more to say about this. In fact, I might have to go punch the clown to that picture I posted.